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The brill, scientifically known as Scophthalmus rhombus, are members of genus Scophthalmus and Scophthalmidae family. They are usually found in North Atlantic Ocean and they prefer living in depth waters. The brill is usually brown and it is covered with light or dark spots, except the tailfin which is brown on top and cream on bottom. The brill is a flatfish and it can change its body color according to the surroundings. A brill’s normal length is approximately fifty centimeters and it’s normal weight is of one and a half kilograms. Due to the fact that the dorsal fin is partially connected to the fin membrane brill may appear frilly. The fish has a round shaped body and it is quite similar to turbot fish but the last has a diamond shaped body. Brills feed on algae and other aquatic vegetation. Like all flatfish, the brill has a remarkable compressed body form suitable to life on the bottom. Because it is a medium fish it might be attacked by bigger fishes but the ability of changing its color protects him.

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