Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that causes inflammation in the joints, loss of function accompanied by chronic pain. This disease is can cause deformities in the joints and the destruction of bones and cartilages. There is no cure for this crippling disease, but changing the patient’s lifestyle and food habits can improve very much the quality of life. Broccoli is one of the aliments that shouldn’t miss from a person who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis’s diet. This vegetable helps fight inflammation and it eases the joint pain caused by this illness. Broccoli contains antioxidant compounds such as vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium that can help protect the cells of the body against the action of free radicals. Broccoli is also a great source of glutathione. This substance acts as an antioxidant and helps detoxifying the cells. Glutathione also facilitates the protective actions of other vitamins and minerals. Broccoli sprouts contains sulforaphane, which helps the body’s own immune system to fight illness. Selenium is another helpful compound that facilitates the proper function of the immune system. This compound is very important in rheumatoid arthritis, as this is an autoimmune illness in which tissue is attacked by the body’s own immune cells that mistaken it for a pathogen agent. Selenium can be found in broccoli sprouts. The effect of selenium is somewhat controversial because, consumed in large quantities, it can be very toxic.

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