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Broiled Beef rib ("sokalbigui") is also the popular dishes. The recipe is very close to that of barbequed Beef. However the taste is quite different. Just try it !!.(It needs delicate trimming of ribs)


Broiled beef rib ("sokalbigui")

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1. Cut spareribs into serving pieces, remove excess fat from the meat carefully.

2. With meaty side down, insert knife under bone and slice, leaving the end uncut.

3. Open out flat and slice the meat into half thickness, leaving the end uncut and open out flat.

4. Make a slit along the center of each bone. This eases the membrance when grilled and makes the meat apart easily.

5. Marinate and mix with seasonings and vegetables and let it stand for 2 hours or more. (Refer to the recipe of "pulgoki" barbeque

6. Broil both sides on preheated grill.

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