Broiling is much like grilling in that food is cooked straight with high heat. The disparity between broiling and grilling is that broiling is usually done in an oven and the warmth source is above the food while grilling is done on equipment that is generally used outdoors and the heat source is below the food. Beef for broiling should be tender with sufficient marbling and since the goal is to cook the meat quickly, it must not be too thick. Beefsteaks that are no thicker than one creep are exceptional for broiling, particularly tender steaks from the rib and the loin including the rib-eye, tenderloin, boneless top loin, Porterhouse, and top boneless sirloin. Steaks cut from the chuck can be quite good if not overcooked. Round steaks are not ideal choices for broiling, but they can be greatly improved if they are marinated first. Beef cuts should be brushed with oil before they are placed on the broiling pan to prevent sticking when they are cooked. Meat that has been marinated in any mixture containing oil can be placed on the pan without additional oiling.

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