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  • Cacciocavallo

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Caciocavallo (Albanian: Kaçkavall; Bulgarian and Macedonian Кашкавал (Kashkaval); Romanian: Caşcaval; Serbian: Качкаваљ; Sicilian: Cascavaddu; Turkish: Kaşar) is a type of cheese made out of sheep's or cow's milk, originally produced in Sicily, Italy, but now spread all across the Balkans.

The Italian name of the cheese Caciocavallo means "Cheese on horseback" and it is sometimes thought that it was originally made from mare's milk, although there appears to be no historical evidence for this. More likely, however, the name derives from the fact that the curd is left to dry by placing it 'a cavallo', i.e. straddling, upon a horizontal stick or branch.

This cheese is shaped like a tear-drop and is similar in taste to aged provolone, with a hard edible rind. It has a sharp flavor and strong aroma.

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