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Ingredients are placed on tortillas across the middle as in fajitas or Chinese mo she (make a diameter across the round with the ingredients).

Start by using up to half an avocado (depending on yield) per tortilla - simply scoop out the flesh and lay it across.

Next top with tomatoes and Onion and Cheese (saving a small bit of grated Cheese for "glue").

Roll the tortillas up into a tube, stuffing a small amount of Cheese under the flap.

On a medium-hot no-stick pan, drop a little butter and wait until melted.

Roll the tortilla in the melted butter, letting go "flap down" so the Cheese glue will melt it shut.

Continue with all four tortillas, flipping each three times to grill all sides of the tube.

They should be crispy.

Serve hot and dip into salsa blend if desired.

A fantastic brunch dish for two or appetizer (cut into thirds) for summer parties and the like.

Try red or spring onions, various cheeses, add shredded lettuce - its a great recipe to build on.

Once you get the hang of it, preparation (including chopping and grating) and cooking takes just twenty minutes.

Faster with team effort!

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