California chiles

Name Variations Edit

  • Anaheim chile
  • California green chile
  • long green pepper
  • chile verde

About California chile Edit

The Californian chile is basically known as the Anaheim chile, and is a descendant of the New Mexico chile. The Anaheim chile is an old specie of chiles, which was used in older times for canning. The Anaheim chile are around 15 cm long and they have 3 to 4 cm wide. Their taste is rather unheated, as they have a mild flavor. Still, there are both green and red Anaheim chiles and the red ones are a bit hotter. The Anaheim chiles are great toners and energizers, but also body stimulants, and they benefic in muscular cramps and various pains. Besides this specie, the Californian chiles also have varieties that are called Californian wonders, which vary from sweet bell peppers to chiles with low or medium heat levels.

The Californian chiles, the Californian wonders and the Anaheim chiles are used for the preparation of North and Central American dishes, ranging from the Mexican specialties to the western ones. Due to the fact that this sort of chile has a mild flavor, it is used for many purposes, such as soups, stews, salads, garnishes, pickles and meat meals.

In dried form, they are called chile seco.

California chile Recipes Edit

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