Canton liqueur

Canton ginger liqueur

About Canton ginger liqueur Edit

In its original formulation, the liqueur's ingredients were advertised to include six varieties of ginger, ginseng, "gentle herbs," "finest spirits," brandy, and honey. Its strength was 20 percent alcohol (40 proof), and it was sold in decorative faceted glass bottles of various sizes.

In 2007, John Cooper (one of N. J. Cooper's two sons) revived the name and idea by producing a new ginger liqueur called Canton Ginger & Cognac Liqueur. Canton Ginger Liqueur follows a new recipe and is produced in Jarnac, France. The new formula is 28 percent alcohol (56 proof), is golden in color, and is packaged in a bamboo-shaped bottle. It contains syrup made from crystallized Chinese baby ginger, Grand Champagne VSOP cognac, neutral spirit, orange blossom honey from Provence, and vanilla.

Canton liqueur Recipes Edit

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