[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Capulin cherry]]

Name Variations Edit

  • Capulin
  • Panama berry
  • Capuli
  • tropic cherry
  • tropical cherry

About Capulin cherry Edit

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Capulin (Prunus salicifolia) is a fruit. The capulin does not really belong with the fruits of warm regions, but is a true cherry. It is closely related to the Jamaica cherry, but distinguishable from it. The capulin is often called the capuli, capoli, capulin, or capolin in both Mexico and Colombia. While in other parts of these countries and in others, it has the names of cerezo, detse, detze, taunday, jonote, puan, palman, or xengua. In Guatemala it is called the wild cherry; in Bolivia it is capuli; and in Eucador, it is known as the capuli or black cherry.

Capulin cherry Recipes Edit

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