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The Carp is a fresh water fish that belongs to the Cyprinidae family. There is a large number of fresh water fish that are related to the carp all over the world especially in North America, Asia and Africa. The common carp, also known as Cyprinus carpio, is the most popular species of carp. The interesting thing about the carp is that it has the unique ability to survive in polluted waters unlike many other species. Because the carp is a very fast growing fish and also because its ability to live on very little oxygen the fish has always been considered perfect for farming. The wild carp is very similar to the common carp in color and also scale pattern and that is why confusions occur quite often. However, the wild carp is much slimmer. The common size of the carp is of about 50cm/1.8ft and they usually weight around 3 kg/7 lb. Carps breed a lot and they have quite a long life span and that is why sometimes people practice carp extermination.

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