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Carp Slavonian Style (Saran na slavonski nacin)

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Descale the Carp and remove the insides, remove the head, wash and drain. Cut into thick slices. Boil the head in a little water. Peel the potatoes, cut into thin slices and sprinkle with salt. Cut the Bacon into small strips and chop the parsley. Smear a baking tin with oil, arrange half the potatoes in it and sprinkle with sweet red pepper, parsley and white pepper. Place pieces on top of the Potato, sprinkle with salt, cover with the remaining Potato and sprinkle again with sweet red pepper, parsley and white pepper. Fry the Bacon lightly and dres over the Potato. Pour the liquid in which the Carp head was boiled over the whole dish and bake in a pre-heated oven until cooked to a nice golden-brown.

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