Carrageenan: a sulfuric acid of milk and a half were esterification. The basic unit 1, repeat by bonding of beta D-pyranoid type galacitiol and 1, 4 bonding of alpha D-galacitiol and composition., also known as LuJiaoCai glue, harpoons food glue. Carrageenan red algae from some seaweed extracted hydrophilic gel, its chemical structure is by galacitiol and dehydration galacitiol composed of polysaccharides sulfuric acid ester of calcium, potassium, sodium, ammonium salt. Because of the different combination form sulfuric acid ester, can be divided into K type (Kappa), type I (Iota), L (Lambda).

The use of carrageenan originated in hundreds of years ago in southern Ireland coastal yields a seaweed, called Ireland Moss (Irish Moss), now known as knit wave Angle algae (Chondrus crispus), local residents often put it to add sugar in the milk in cooked, put cold sometime after eating. 18 th century, Irish people put the seaweed powder which is made and introduced in the U.S., and the company began, and commodity production in seaweed powder (moss farina) is the name of the sea to start selling, widely used in milk and DuoZhong food. The nineteenth century America began to factory refining carrageenan, by the 1840 s carrageenan industrial truly developed in the United States.

Carrageenan soluble dietary fiber has the basic characteristic of the degradation of the body, in after carrageenan and blood protein fiber can form soluble complex. Can be e. bacteria into CO2, H2, solution of methane and formic acid, acetic acid, and propionic acid short-chain fatty acids, such as a probiotic energy source.

Kara glue can be used for food, medicine and cosmetics of adhesive, thickening agent, emulsifier and stabilizer, and bacteria culture, treat the medicament, the gastric ulcer blood agent, fall hematic fat agent and delay evacuant, etc. Also can be used as emulsion and photographic emulsions layer, and anti-static agent immobilized enzyme carrier and the embedding materials bacteria. The application in food

Ice cream (ice cream) : prevent whey separation, slow melt. Sweet jelly, YangGeng: gelling agent.

Meat products: thickening water and Fang check off, binder, liquid contraction improve product slice sex, flexibility.

Chocolate milk: suspension, increase sense. Fruit juice drink: make small pulp grain of uniformity, suspended, increase mouthfeel.

Glue fat milk, increase sense. Smooth: Fudge: good gelling agent.

Condensed milk: emulsion stability. Bread: increase water ability, delay is hard

Processing cheese: take off the liquid to prevent shrinkage. Pie: paste effect, increase sense.

Baby milk powder: prevent skim and whey separation. Spices: suspension formulation, excipients, bring bright feeling.

Milk pudding: gelling agent, increase sense. Canned food: gel, stabilize the fat.

Freeze foaming pastry: prevent adipose separation and take off shrinks, not changeful form liquid.

Shake: suspension, increase sense. The beer industry: clarify agent, stabilizer.

Acidification dairy: increase simple sense, satiny

Toothpaste: bond


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