Afghani appetizers are truly scrumptious! Some of the most popular Afghani appetizers are as follows:

Ash: a traditional soup with noodles, yogurt, kidney beans and chickpeas. Flavoured with dill, turmeric and mint, garnished with mint leaves.

Bolani: turnovers that are filled with scallions, cilantro and potato and is served with a delicious yogurt-garlic dip.

Shornakhod: is a salad composed of kidney beans with a crushed cilantro, lemon and has a vinegar dressing.

Jan-i-Amma: made and served with yogurt, minced cucumber, onions and mint. This Afghani appetizer is served with the traditional Afghani bread.

Burta: one of the most popular Afghani appetizer’s,it is an exquisite delight. Crushed eggplant which is blended with yogurt, sour cream, garlic, mint, cilantro, olive oil and lemon juice, this too is served with the traditional Afghani bread.

Salata: made with cubed tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and mint with lemon dressing. Making it truly unique and mouth-watering!

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