Today, you will find abundant dishes in the cuisine of Afghanistan. If you are thinking of exotic dining amid fragrant aromas of spices and the mysterious surprises found in the vegetarian cuisine of Afghanistan, then pull out a list of recipes from the cuisines of Afghanistan and taste what the Afghans have to offer.

Chalau (rice) and Korma (sauce), Kebab (chicken or lamb), Naun/Nan (whole meal bread) or Lawash (whole meal flat bread) are commonly included in the cuisines of Afghanistan. Excellent tea is served traditionally after a long meal with dessert, mostly Baklava (paper-thin layers of honey-soaked pastry and walnuts) or Gosh-e-feel (fried pastry in the shape of an elephant’s ear, dusted with cardamom, sugar and pistachios.)

The Cuisines of Afghanistan are commonly placed on a cloth that is spread over a carpet. Guests are usually given an individual bowl or plate. Afghans do not use any silverware crockery. Bread is used for scooping up soft foods. Bowls of raw vegetables, plenty of fresh fruit, salads, pickles and yogurt are prominently featured in the Afghani Cuisine. If you are in Afghanistan, and are a guest at an Afghani person’s home, you would most definitely be expected to enjoy huge quantities of everything, including buttermilk, or the yogurt drink which is known as Dug.

The Afghan cuisine greatly resembles Indian curries and Pakistani staples. The chief difference is that in the Afghan Cuisine you will find more vegetables being used, fresh fruits and nuts.

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