Afghan desserts are literally lip-licking. They are so delicately prepared and their taste is just so fine that they would leave your mouth-watering for more. The best part of Afghan desserts is that they are so simple to make. Most of these desserts are prepared on special occasions and events. They serve a variety of desserts along with traditional tea to guests. Some of the really popular Afghan desserts are:

Asabia el Aroos: or "Brides Fingers" ; lovely slender crisps that are filled with sweetened nuts, low in calories and saturated fats. Nuts provide protein and healthy quantities of fibre, as well as containing traces of many important elements that are necessary for good health.

Baklava: one of the most common and well known of the Middle-Eastern pastries. Layers of filo dough embedded and rolled with nuts such as pistachios and almonds made sticky with honey and syrup. (delicious)!

Gosh-e-feel (elephant ear pastries)

Kadu Bouranee (sweet pumpkin)

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