It is a common aspect of the Afghani way of living to serve exotic meat dishes on special events and occasions. In the cuisine of Afghanistan, the Afghani meat dishes are seen being shared jointly; three to four people share one huge platter that consists of rice specialities as well as nan (traditional Afghani whole-wheat bread) with separate individual side meat dishes of various kinds. The homemade chutneys and pickles that accompany many of the Afghani meat dishes add more flavour to their cuisine. Therefore, you will not be surprised to find many Afghani meat recipes. Some of the most popular meat dishes are as follows: Qabili Pilau: lamb and yellow rice with carrots and raisins.

Kofta Nakhod: Meatballs and Chick-peas.

Lamb Kebabs: skewed chunks of lamb.

Samboosak (meat pies)

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