There are many recipes in the Afghanistan cuisine. You can find the traditional Afghani cuisine recipes in many bookstores, on the Internet etc. Afghanis are lovers of food. The recipes that you will stumble upon will make you realize that the Afghani recipes are not at all difficult to prepare. Some of the most common recipes in the Afghanistan cuisine are, Afghani Lamb with Spinach, Aush (noodles with pulses, meat and yogurt), Qabili Pilau (lamb and yellow rice with carrots and raisins), Kofta Nakhod (Meatballs and Chick-peas), and Lamb Kebabs, Samboosak (meat pies), Meatballs with noodles tossed in yogurt, Boulee, and the list is simply endless. The ingredients to most of the Afghani recipes are very common and can easily be found in food departmental stores. The Afghani tea which greets the guests and is taken as an honour is a primary aspect of their hospitality. There is also a huge variety of vegetable Afghani recipes in the cuisine of Afghanistan. Nevertheless as the Afghans are generally meat lovers, the recipes to meat dishes can be served on almost all occasions and events. Afghani meat dishes that are found in the cuisine of Afghanistan are shared communally; three or four people will be seen sharing one huge platter of rice with individual side meat and vegetable dishes. Home made chutneys, pickles, as well as fresh nan (traditional whole-wheat bread) usually accompanies the Afghani dishes alongside rice specialities.

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