There are not many Afghani snacks in the cuisine of Afghanistan. Some of them are traditional, whereas the others have been greatly influenced by other continental cuisines. The Afghani snacks usually contain nuts, dried fruits, pistachio, traditional sweetened milk and Khati cookies. Some of the most popular Afghani snacks are:

Kebab rolls: These are made out of lamb or chicken meat rolled in the traditional nann (whole-wheat flat bread) which is served with home made spicy chutneys, pickles etc.

Ashak is a snack medley of boiled noodles, scallions, chopped spinach and spicy chopped beef (with a hint of coriander and other fragrant spices), topped with a combination of yellow split peas, tomato and onion that is lightly but deftly seasoned with garlic and coriander and served with a side vegetable.

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