Meat dishes are appreciated in Albanian cuisine for their consistency. Meats that are used in these dishes range from beef and veal to poultry and fish. However, lamb has the greatest popularity in this country. Meats can be grilled and served along with vegetables. Among poultry, the most important roles are held by chicken meat and by turkey. The second one is used in recipes such as Turkey-cock with corn bread and Turkey Breasts with Mustard. Meat is used in a great number of recipes, from appetizers to soups, main dishes, stews and snacks. Besides meat, which is the essential ingredient of these dishes, Albanians use beans, walnut and the quintessential yogurt. Some of the most famous recipes are:

  • Musaka with Potatoes
  • Baked lamb with yogurt
  • Fried Meatballs
  • Chicken with Walnuts
  • Lamb Stew with Okra

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