The staple food of the Algerian cuisine is the couscous, semolina-like pasta made from cracked wheat. Rice is also a popular side dish served with curry sauces, fish and seafood, or even part of a soup, together with chickpeas. The traditional Algerian dishes blend together Berber, Turkish and French influences and can be mild or very spicy, condiments used in the cooking process including cumin, coriander, paprika, cinnamon, mint and fennel. Stews are very common and are usually made with a lot of vegetables and meat, the most used ones being lamb, chicken, beef or seafood. Roasted lamb or beef, sweet lamb for Ramadan, or kebabs in spicy sauces are great for a consistent meal. Some of the best known Algerian dishes include the chakchouka (Algerian eggs with peppers and tomatoes), harissa (spice pasta), black hunnus with red peppers, and kefta (spiced meatballs). Dried exotic fruits are great for an after meal snack or as an Algerian dessert.

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