Preparing a typical Algerian dish can be easily done in simple basic pots, without the need of complicated cooking equipment. For the Algerian chicken with pumpkin, all you need are the main ingredients, onions and fresh herbs like saffron, turmeric, cinnamon or nutmeg. Couscous, the staple of the Algerian cuisine, is also a simple recipe to prepare, water and salt being enough for a basic side dish. You can add spicy sauces or condiments, and even meat or vegetables to prepare a more elaborated dish. There are some special Algerian recipes that need specific ingredients to cook, like the Fava Bean puree, where you will definitely need small finely chopped onions, basil seed, cayenne or paprika, olive oil and cured lamb fat. For the Ramadan sweet lamb recipe, butter, ground cinnamon, sugar and raisins are needed in the cooking process, as well as almonds, orange juice and pealed cubed pears. You should also have special Algerian condiments and herb available when preparing for cooking an Algerian meal.

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