Beverages have a very important role in cuisine. They accompany each meal, whether it is a normal one or a festive meal. Americans drink from simple water to fruit and even alcoholic beverages.

Some of the drinks exist in so many forms and are prepared in so many methods that they generated customs, such as the American Tea Culture. The tea has become more and more popular in the United States.

Another beverage consumed by Americans is coffee. It knows many preparation methods and many names. Although it is not cropped in Northern America, the coffee has also developed a culture and it is told that people in the United States drink this beverage more than any other nation.

Americans also drink cocktails, which are more drinks mixed in one glass. The cocktails are alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Both these types have one or more ingredients that give the beverage a certain color. Another popular drink among Americans is beer. This one helped at the creation of an entire industry, as it did in all the countries that produce it.

Fruit drinks, made of fresh fruits usually accompany breakfast. On the other hand, some soft drinks made in the United States are nowadays known at a global level. Some of these soft drinks are related to the fast food networks. Others, such as ginger ale – a soft drink with ginger flavor, or root beer – a drink made of Sarsaparilla, are more popular in the houses of the Americans, rather than in the pubs.

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