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Meat dishes have the highest consistency in a meal. They are usually served after A soup or salad course. In the United States, meat dishes were consumed since the Pioneer days. The settlers would hunt, in order to supply the population with meat. Because the area was populated with whitetail deer (or venison), the settlers took advantage of this. But deer were not the only wild animals hunted by settlers. The rabbits, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons were also found to be good sources of meat. Besides the meat, the settlers used to consume organ meats, such as liver and brains. Even today, some of the dishes made centuries ago are popular.

African slaves introduced to the cuisine of the United States a cooking method that later became a national symbol. The barbecue, or BBQ, as Americans call it most of the time, is representative for the Southern states, as there was located the majority of the plantations. Once the Africans left the plantations, they helped this concept to be famous, even in the Northern territories. It is prepared in many ways and it is not seasoned likewise in all the regions.

Sausages were introduced by the Germans. The Americans started to use meat to create them and gave birth to another representative dish: the hot dog. Just about every part of a hog is consumed: from chitlens (also made popular by the African population) to ham, which is used for making sandwiches. Bacon is another pork dish that is an American staple, especially at breakfast. A traditional American past time would involve cooking various meats on a backyard grill and is noted by the charcoal smell. These meats can range from steak to hot-dog's to the infamous American hamburger; and would not exclude seafood dishes and kebabs.

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