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  • Swordfish Kebabs is an appetizer that is spiced with lemon juice, garlic and paprika.
  • Chicken Muamba is a main dish that is made from chicken, palm hash, garlic and okra.
  • Mufete de Cacuso (Tilapia) is another main dish with a special flavour of pepper and vinegar.
  • Cocada Amarela is one of the best known Angolan desserts. It is a sweet and heavy dish that should be consumed with moderation.
  • Fufu is a starchy accompaniment for stews or other dishes with sauce. It is usually made from yams sometimes combined with plantains.
  • Palm Oil Beans is another very popular Angolan recipe. Cooking it is very easy: you cook the beans until they are tender, you add the palm oil and salt and you simmer until the oil is cooked.
  • Corn Funge is a very easy to make dish that accompanies most meals. The only ingredient you need is corn flour that you mix in boiling water until you get a consistent paste. It is served with any fish or meat.

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