The most common Arabian beverage among many others is the traditional coffee. For generations and centuries now, the traditional Arabian coffee dominates the Arabian beverage category in the cuisine of Arabia. The Arabs serve their traditional coffee to visitors in an age old custom that has been initially taken from the Bedouin hospitality traditions. Serving coffee is an important and vital part of the Arabian generosity and kindness. The practice of serving coffee is known as the gawha and it is surrounded by a few rules of decorum. It is a common sight to see that in the presence of an Arabs guest the Arab will roast, cool off and grind the coffee beans. The Arabs use the mortar and pestle for grinding as it is done traditionally. Arabs add cardamom pods in equal quantity or more measure to the coffee beans while the grinding process is being carried on. Once the coffee has been brewed, the host generally pours the coffee in traditional Arabian tea cups. Unsweetened and fresh dates which are a staple diet in the Arabian cuisine are commonly served alongside the traditional coffee. Other than the traditional coffee there are many other diverse varieties of Arabian beverages in the cuisine of Arabia.

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