As the region is quite diverse, therefore it is not surprising to see that the cuisine of Arabia is also quite diverse and come in a lot of variety. Many of the dishes that you will find in the Arabian cuisine are prepared from meat, rice, wheat, vegetables and a whole lot of spices. The cuisine of Arabia is a mixture of a lot of other cultures. Therefore, you will most definitely find a taste of the Lebanese, Turkish etc taste in the Arabian cuisine.

Rice is an integral part of the Arabian cuisine. Many of the dishes in the cuisine of Arabia use dried fruits in them as well. The local dishes such as Macthbous, which is spiced lamb served with rice, Hareis, a rich delicacy of slow cooked wheat along with tender lamb meat and seafood served with seasoned rice, are very popular dishes in the cuisine of Arabia. A traditional Middle Eastern snack is the shawarma - grilled slice of lamb or chicken, mixed with salad and rolled inside a pocket of the traditonal Arabic bread. This snack is quite popular not only in the Arabian region but has also gained a lot of international popularity, as you are quite likely to find this snack in a lot of countries in the present day. All in all the cuisine of Arabia is unique and diverse.

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