In the cuisine of Arabia salads usually accompany vegetable and meat dishes as well as breads will accompany any main course meal in Arabia. Tabbouleh, a tart parsley, bulgur and tomato salads that are sautéed with eggplant and tomatoes with yogurt and spinach are quite popular. Pita and other flat breads of course are very common but then so are leavened breads including the traditional Challah and varieties of other sour dough’s. Arabian cooking is an art. The Arabian salads are not very complex and they are not difficult to prepare either. Most of the Arabian salads such as the tabbouleh are uncooked. Tabbouleh is definitely one of the most popular salads in the Arabian cuisine even with its vast diversity in the cuisine. There are not many traditional Arabian salads, other than the tabbouleh another very popular salad is the Green Salad, which is better known as the SalataKhadra, this salad usually requires six cucumbers a little black ground pepper, a few tomatoes, a bundle of fresh parsley, salt and juice of one lemon. This traditional Arabian salad is one of the easiest to prepare.

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