As the cuisine of Arabia is quite diverse in its nature therefore there are various snacks that you can find in the Arabian cuisine. Some of the snacks are traditionally prepared from dates and milk, some with their famous Arab pita bread and the list is endless. To Arabs entertaining their guest is not only considered to be enjoyable but also thought to be honorable to have guests at their tables. Some of the most delicious snacks that you will find in the Arabian cuisine are Baklava; this is an exceptionally tasty snack. The authentic traditional Arabian snack which is the Kabassah is a very popular snack that is found in the regions’ cuisine. Mashed potato with Tahini is yet another popular Arabian snack. Another snack which is simply lip-licking is the Arabic Caradamom Shortbread (Gorayba). One Arabian snack which has conquered not only the Arabian cuisine but also many other regions is the famous Shawerma. Commonly chicken or lamb meat is rolled in the traditional Arab pita bread with spices and vegetables that are served as a topping for this scrumptious Arabian snack.

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