Although the modern cuisine of Arabia might seem to be completed influenced due to the diversity of the cultural pattern of the region yet some of the recipes within the cuisine of Arabia are quite traditional and authentic. The greatest appeal of the Arabian cuisine lies in the simple family dishes that have served a rugged people for centuries now. Thick nutritious soups are a meal in themselves in the cuisine of Arabia. The abundant variety of Middle Eastern vegetables combines with a small quantity of meat to produce tasty stews. The stews and thick soups are easy to prepare. A huge selection of seasonal fresh foods is commonly supplemented by winter favorites like burghol and dried beans, always with the exact amount of herbs and spices used in them. The Arabian soups are a unique delicacy. They are extremely delicious and can be served as a main course meal only because of its great nutritious value. The Arabian soups are enjoyable to make as well as eat and serve to your guests.

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