Within the cuisine of Arabia, you will notice that vegetables are extremely used in a wide variety of Arabian cooking. Vegetables are quite enjoyed by the Arabs, so it is no great surprise to find many vegetarian dishes in the cuisine of Arabia. Raw vegetables are commonly used in salads, however while cooking, vegetables are most commonly stuffed with some kind of a mixture which is usually made up on rice and ground meat. Unanimously, nearly the entire population in the Middle East thrives on vegetables and especially loves stuffed vegetables. There are many recipes in the cuisine of Arabia that are filled with vegetable recipes. They are truly traditional and very delicious. Some of the vegetable dishes can be hot and spicy too, depending on your specific taste. The vegetarian dishes in the cuisine of Arabia undoubtedly have a unique mouth savoring taste to them that will keep you wanting to either eat more and more or simply cook and prepare a lot, as they are not only delicious and a treat for vegetarians but also because they are so easy to prepare.

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