The traditional Argentinean beverage is the mate. This drink is served on all occasions, hours and by everybody, almost as frequent as water. Mate is a sweet drink made of yerba plants and drank with a straw from a customized spherical bowl. Coffee (produced locally) and tea are very common, too; tea is an English influence from the 19th century. Dulche de leche (very sweet caramel sauce) and chocolate are sweet drinks and desserts, at the same time. Liquors are produced in Argentina, especially distilled and flavored ones (with peperina, orange, egg, anise or cherry). The orange peels liquor is called espridina and the lemon one is named chintronchelo. Other alcohol based beverages are the aguardintes (firewater), with sugar cane (cana guemada) and cider, gin (in rural areas) and wines (including champagne). There are many plants which are drank infused, based on health principals: chamomile, lance leaf, boldo, poleo, peperina, carqueja, tomillo, canchalagua, rue, malva, romero, passion flower, bira bira, palan palan and muna muna.

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