The most enjoyed meat is the beef, which is served grilled of fried (parilla), roasted (carne con cuero), in a steak (called asado), beef jerky (charqui) or stew (locro with sausage). Milanesas is a famous breaded beef or veal meal. This is prepared with thin slices of beef steaks, eggs, vinegar or lemon juice, oregano and parsley. Matambre (hunger killer) represents stuffed and rolled flank steak, made of beef sirloin, garlic, thyme, carrots, spinach, eggs, onions and pepper. Lamb and goat are consumed as asado with chimichurri, especially in Patagonia region. Chicken is the main ingredient for the crillo de pollo, pollo Rio negro (marinated chicken), chimichurri chicken strips and the grilled chicken skewers, with cherry tomatoes, yellow onions and Mexican oregano. Fish is prepared as paella Valenciana, but this meal also includes sausages and it is served with rice. The mixed grills are also common, such as parillada mixta.

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