A specific Argentinean dish, which is eaten almost anywhere and at any hour, is the chimichurri. The recipe is a condiment used for steaks, but also on bread and toast as an appetizer. The gnoquis de Semola a la Romana (or gnocchi alla Romana) are an Italian inspired dish that means baked semolina dumplings and they are a favorite Argentinean snack. The most enjoyed meat is the beef, which is served grilled of fried (parilla), roasted (carne con cuero), in a steak (called asado), beef jerky (charqui) or stew (locro with sausage). Traditional Argentinean soups are based on veggies and rice and the stews also include meat, especially the loved beef. Argentineans are the second consumers of beef in the world, so the vegetarian diet is not too popular in the country. There is a wide diversity of sweet pastries and pastes: dulche de leche (sweet of milk) is the filling for cakes and pancakes, alfajores, tortas fritas (deep fried pastry dough), quince paste or dulce de batada.

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