A great chimichurri sauce (with Caribbean flavors) is served as a snack on crunchy pastries; this is made with lime juice, chili flakes, white onion and Italian parsley. Thus (sandwiches) are very various, made of milanesa (baked ham and cheese), pan de minga, toasted bread, panchos, pebetes or morcipanes. Chimichurri can be prepared with sherry vinegar, for a delicate flavor. The gnoquis de Semola a la Romana (or gnocchi alla Romana) are an Italian inspired dish that means baked semolina dumplings and they are a favorite Argentinean snack. The recipe contains milk, grated parmesan cheese, egg yolks, butter and semolina (coarsely ground wheat), which can be replaced with farina; nutmeg is an optional ingredient. Provoletta is also Italian inspired dish and it can be consumed as lunch, snack or appetizer. The meal is low in carbs and high in proteins and it is served at parillas (open air grills). Provoletta contains provolone cheese in olive oil and topped with seasonings.

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