Argentineans are the second consumers of beef in the world, so the vegetarian diet is not too popular in the country. Most of the vegetarian meals are not especially cooked to include only non-animal aliments, but they represent side dishes which accompany meat. The Argentinean olive pasta and fresh fig is served with baby spinach salad. This is a more complex vegetarian meal, made with green olives, red and green bell pepper, cayenne and flout with oil for the small and egg-free pastas. The meal is also served with a topping of cheese, in non-vegetarian cases. Potatoes are used in ensaladas and mashed, in pudding, like the tortilla campesina. Other aliments consumed by the Argentinean vegetarians are: beans, lettuce, eggplant, rice and noodles. Eggplant is cooked as grilled eggplant, with garlic, olive oil, dried basil and dried oregano, ground black pepper; sweet or hot paprika; red hot pepper flakes are added for a spicier flavor.

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