The Armenians use for their traditional meat dishes many varieties of this ingredient, that range from lamb meat to beef, fish and chicken. The yoghurt is in this case, too, an important item, as it appears in many meat dishes. People have a great diversity of meat dishes, and also increasing the number of the preparation methods resulted in a great number of meat dishes. They use meat along with pasta, in Armenian pizzas, with steaks and in meatballs. The lamb is usually barbecued or grilled. It seems that this type of meat predominates in the Armenian cuisine, as it is used in many recipes and it is prepared in many ways. The lamb-yoghurt dish, the lamb roast and the lamb kidneys are only few names of recipes based on this meat. Also, fish is the basic ingredient for some dishes. The baked fish is popular in Armenia. Chicken meat is the main ingredient of dishes such as chicken with quince, over-fried chicken or chicken with rice.

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