Vegetarian dishes usually fill up a great deal of any cuisine. In some meat dominating cuisine, vegetarian dishes are most important. This helps to create a balance in a banquet as well. However, Assamese cuisine is such that it has mostly vegetarian dishes aside from the use of fish. Beef and mutton are not consumed, and it is indeed difficult to find anyone who consumes meat.

In Assamese cuisine, there are several tasty dishes you can try out to suit your palette.

They are largely made of rice, fish, curry, vegetables, dal, and have salads to accompany them too. This food generally is not very oily or spicy. The best part about these dishes in Assamese cuisine is that they cook very quickly. Indeed, most of them cook in about 20 minutes or so. Some of these stunning dishes include the following:

Kurma is a mild and creamy treat that is sweet and nutty taste.

Rogan Josh is cooked with onions and garlic, and is garnished with tomatoes.

Dansak is cooked with pineapples, coriander and lentils. It is sweet and slightly spicy.

In addition to the above quickly cooked meals, theer are few more that you will find interesting and tasty too. There are Saagwala and Pathia Special.

Though meat dishes are not generally consumed they are as follows:

Cellar's Tikka Massala

  • Jalfrezi Special
  • Chicken tikka,
  • Lamb
  • Vegetables Mixed Jalfrezi Special
  • Makhani Mumtaz
  • Murgh Keema Massala Special
  • Assamee Shazni Special
  • Grilled breasts of Chicken, lamb or Lamb chops.

Indeed, it can be asserted the meat dishes above are delicious, but they are difficult to find, as there are hardly any people who consume them in Assamese cuisine.

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