The Australian desserts have Greek and Italian influences. This is due to the fact that Australia has the greatest Greek community, besides Greece, and the Italians are almost in the same situation. The desserts that are worth to be mentioned are: Pineapple and Jelly Supreme, Dumplings and Cocky's Joy, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Castle Pudding, Spiced Pears, Cassata, Frozen Christmas Pudding, fruit gelato, Pavlova, Tiramisu, Anzac Biscuits, Rock Cakes, Lemon Delicious, Lamingtons, Dundee cake. Out of these, Lamingtons, along with Pavlova are known as the best desserts in Australia. The Anzac Biscuits were made popular during the World War I, when the ANZAC soldiers introduced them in the diets. Others, such as the Italian-Australian dessert named Tiramisu, are the result of the influence of the immigrants.

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