Ayurveda - The Ancient Healing Science dates back . Rooted in India, this holistic approach to health has been popularized by Deppak Chopra and others a-like. Ayurveda doesn't promise instant results, but a gentle slow easement of ailments. Through the use of Ancient healing Herbs, mixed in special age-old preperations as directed by Vedas, health is brought into balance. It is somewhat confusing and hard to understand to the Western mind. It starts off with the question of Doshas, Pitta , Kapha, and Vata. These are the inherent cycles that rule over us from birth to death. No matter how off-teeter we become our initial ruling doshas stay the same. However when we do experience disease and other disorders, this is described as dosha imbalance. So what is your ruling dosha and where are your imbalances? These are questions best reserved for your Ayurvedic practitioner. Through a series of questions about characteristics like hair color, or " gains weight easily" , etc..., the ruling dosha is quickly identified and the imbalances are assesed. A practioner may describe special diet, exercise, herbs, and even massage to work the toxins out of the tissues. It is possible to do a self-diagnosis and self-prescribed formulas are readily available. These herbal formulations do not give bad side-effects like pharmaceuticals so they are not dangerous. Also the techniques of self-massage is easy to learn and of great value. The oils smell good and are so relaxing.

Chikitsa stands for Disease Management and it involves removing the root, the trigger that causes the affliction. In opposition to modern medicine, where the main symptoms are suppressed but new negative ones are often created as side effects, Chikitsa aims to bring permanent relief to its patient. There are four main classifications of management of disease in Ayurveda: shodan, or cleansing; shaman or palliation; rasayana, or rejuvenation; and satvajaya, or mental hygiene.

Natural herbs form the basis for such treatment, and Chikitsa uses powders, tablets, decoctions, medicated oil prepared from plants. This means that the body can assimilate the medicine at a faster rate and not bring about issues such as side effects. IN fact, most Ayurveda practitioners believe that there are several positive side effects that come with herbal treatments.

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