Dovga piti, bozbash, and kufta – which in restaurants cost around 2000 rubles - $1.5 – each – are among the most popular Azerbaijan appetizers . Dovga presents cold sour milk soup while the rest of them are hot meat soups. Bozbash and kufta are soups with mutton-and-rice meat balls and a lot of spices. Piti is a very special dish. Each helping of the soup with mutton and national kind of peas - nokhud - is cooked in a special clay pot and served in it to the table. Most Azerbaijan appetizers are served with various seasonings and condiments, such as horse-radish, mayonnaise, kvass, garlic and piquant tomato sauces. As many of the soups and main courses in the Azerbaijan cuisine are very nutritious, the appetizers are rather light.

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