Like other provinces, Balouchistan is influenced by pre-partition India. Among other issues, Balouchi cuisine has also been influenced. However, there is a considerable mixture in this cuisine, some from India, some from other provinces in Pakistan, and a very strong influence from Afghanistan as well. Largely tribal people and herdsmen populate the province of Balouchistan, and all these people have over the years learned from the influences around them.

Balouchistan is famous for dishes that are made from meat, particularly mutton, and biryani is one of the favorites here. In addition to these, there are also several kinds of dry dishes and curries that are common.

The food ingredients that are mostly known in Balouchi cuisine include: potatoes, goat cheese, dry fruits and vegetables, milk and yogurt, mutton, and fish. Fresh vegetables are almost entirely absent from this cuisine because of the fact that the region is drought prone.

Balouchistani food tends to consist of foods that are mostly roasted, and their foods are quite aromatic. They also make use of spices and other ingredients. Marinating food is very important in bringing out the desired taste in Balouchistani cuisine. Some foods are marinated overnight in order to be cooked the following day.

Balouchies are well known for their kababs. They cook a variety of these and dishes similar to kababs. In order to obtain the best taste from these they cook them on charcoal fires and wood fires. These types of fires are though to bring out a unique taste in Balouchi food.

Aside from the spices in Balouchistani cuisine, there is an important point to consider, and that is the use of meats. Balouchistani cuisine only uses halal meats. Meat, such as pork, is prohibited. However, you will find beef, mutton and chicken in Balouchistani cuisine. 90% of Balouchi cuisine consists of meat-based dishes.

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