Balouchi cuisine is known to be a complete cuisine. It has various appetizers, a main course and desserts. Among Pakistani food in different provinces, this cuisine is believed to have it all. Balouchi cuisine has some of the best recipes. These are simple to follow. In these recipes the methods employed are just as important as the ingredients in them.

In Balouchi cuisine, there are recipes to all kinds of dishes. Among the many recipes that you will find in Balouchi cuisine, you will find that there are several recipes for kababs. Several of these require a lot of time to prepare, as marinating is an important step. This is because these dishes largely use mutton, and seasoning and marinating mutton improves the taste and texture both.

In addition this, another important step is the baking process. This is considered to be legendary due to the thought that it comes from steps that Princess Amina followed. She would use various methods of baking and cooking meals such as kababs for her lover Imtiaz.

It is because of Princess Amina that the methods of using sand and stones to bake mutton are popular today. The people love to use these methods because they believe in tradition in their recipes, and they also believe in love. They believe that if a meal is cooked with love, it is most important because it improves the taste. Love is like an ingredient in the meals cooked in Balouchi cuisine. Therefore, in homes in general as well as at festive occasions cooking is a merry thing, and Balouchi people enjoy it. You will experience a great deal of love in the air at festive occasions, as it is vital to the making of a great meal like kababs. However, kababs require other important spices such as yellow chillies, tuk malanga seeds, and zakar. With such ingredients used in Balouchi recipes, it is no wonder that the food is not too spicy, and has a great aroma.

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