Although the Belarusian sausage is the most popular meat product related to Belarus, mainly because of its Polish influences, most of the traditional and modern dishes use meat in abundance. Regardless of the type of meal, hot or cold, salty or sour, meat is always included in the menu. A Belarusian restaurant will most likely serve you stuffed cabbage or baked dumplings, but they are all served with meat. Pork is the most popular meat in Belarus, although beefsteak is also common. A traditional dish is kotleta pokrestyansky, pork cutlets served in mushroom sauce. Machanka is a sauce served with various meat and pancake dishes. Freshwater fish such as perch and crayfish are plentiful and served in many restaurants. A common soup in Belarus is shtchi. Made from sauerkraut, potatoes and fried onions, it is usually served with sour cream.

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