In Belizean cuisine one can find a wide variety of mouth watering local recipes such as:

  • Belizean stew chicken made of chicken pieces, chicken granules, chopped onions and red rocado. For a better taste you may add coconut oil and black pepper.
  • Beans stew is made with beans, water, onions, coconut oil and black pepper. To prepare beans stew clean the beans and then boil them in water for one hour then add the onions, the salt, the pepper and the oil and let them boil for another ten minutes. Beans stew can be served with seafood.
  • Mango papaya chutney is made with diced mango, diced papaya, sliced cilantro, lime juice, honey, peeled and minced fresh ginger, minced garlic cloves, coconut oil and crushed allspices seeds.

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