Even though the Indians love eating rich foods that are cooked in plenty of ghee, they are not fond of eating animal fat. Meat in the Bengali cuisine of India is often marinated to improve its flavor but also tenderize it. Ingredients such as lemon juice or yogurt are mixed with spices and the meat is left to steep in the mixture for a set period of time. Fresh, papaya is another natural ingredient that is used in the Bengali cuisine category of India to tenderize the meat. Luckily, you will notice that no simulated meat tenderizers are used in the making of the Bengali cuisine of India. Only genuine and clean ingredients are used in the Bengali cuisine of India. If you look into the Bengali cuisine of India, within it there will be copious recipes on the meat dishes that are all very distinctive and well-liked in India amidst the Indians and foreigners alike. Bengali meat dishes in India are cooked from mutton, seldom from beef or veal, but mandatory with plenty of spices. Indians particularly adore various kinds of kebabs made from mutton fried on the grill which is a metal lattice above hot coal. There is a huge assortment of diverse kinds of kebabs in the Bengali cuisine. Mutton, beet, turnip are put into a copper cauldron and are cooked the over the night until the mass becomes a thick soup. This type of meat dish is quite popular among the Bengalis as well and you will find a wide range of Bengali meat dish recipes in the Bengali cuisine of India.

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