In Benin people eat a lot of snacks. Usually they eat fruits as snacks, but they prepare various recipes for cooked salads.

Caakiri is a snack very similar to rice pudding. The snack is made of couscous, butter, evaporated milk, vanilla yogurt, nutmeg, raisons, pineapples and mint. It can be served warm or cold. Caakiri is a sweet snack that can also be served as dessert. Kola nuts are seed pods of evergreen trees which contain caffeine. It is served as snack because it is considered a stimulant that reduces hunger. Kola nuts are eaten after breaking them into pieces. Although Kola Nuts have a bitter taste, they are consumed for their stimulating effect.

Nqualak is a delicious snack made of couscous, butter, baobab fruit, peanut butter, sugar vanilla, orange flower water, nutmeg and raisons.

Moyin-moyin is an appreciated dessert made of variety of ingredients such as cowpeas, shrimp powder, tomatoes, chopped onions, chopped chilly peppers, boiled eggs, sweet greens, dried or smoked fish, canned sardines, corned beef and cooked carrots.

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