Every important meal in Bosnia must contain appetizers, which is the first served dish. When you visit a Bosnian house you will be served as appetizers with meza. Meza is a plateau of arranged smoked meat like sausages, bacon presented with a salad of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, onion combined with boiled eggs all cut in very thin slices. Another great appetizer is cheese a la Olga Finci prepared by mixing powder milk, oil, water, vinegar and garlic powder with a plastic spoon until it becomes like a pudding. Cheese a la Olga Finci is served cold without any preparation. To make bean pate you need 250 grams of beans, which must be cooked and pasted, salt, pepper, mustard, two drops of oil and seasonings. Mayonnaise with no eggs is a very delicious appetizer made by mixing one spoon of milk powder, four spoons of flour, a drop of water and lemon juice until it becomes thick; it is served cold.

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