National specialities:

  • Morama (an underground tuber).
  • The Kalahari truffle.
  • The Mopane worm (boiled, cooked or deep-fried).
  • Beans such as cow peas, ditloo and letlhodi, dried bean leaves, plus nuts like peanuts and groundnuts.
  • Wild spinach, morogo is very tasty.
  • Plenty of watermelons, plus other varieties of melon.
  • Seswaa or Chotlho is a popular traditional meat dish cooked with only salt and water and served with pap, a soft maize meal.
  • Variations upon bread meals, such as dumplings (matemekwane), flat cakes (diphaphatha) and fat cakes (magwinya). ls, such as dumplings (matemekwane), flat cakes (diphaphatha) and fat cakes (magwinya).

This people prepare exotic meals which are very tasty and in generally very good and exotic recipe is: - mopani worms- this worms are sold dried. To prepare this meal u need to fry some onions in a little oil after add the worms and a tin of tomatoes. Add salt and pepper a simmer for around 20 mins. But normally you could eat mopani worms whilst they are still alive and fresh. - Seswaa which is pounded meat-u need for this recipe one big onion, one kilogram of water, salt and pepper for taste, and a half kilogram of brisket. Place the brisket, the onion and seasoning in a saucepan. Cover up with water and cook about two and half hours until soft. Drain liquid and pound the meat until flaky. Remove the bones. Serve with porridge, Morogo and gravy.

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