Some of the main Brazilian appetizers include the pastries fritos (fried turnovers), that may have different filings such as chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables, or cheeses. Recheio de carne is platter served with pao de queijo (cheese bread) or plain with different dipping sauces. The cheese bread can be served individually as a Brazilian appetizer and it can be made of parmesan, cheddar or mixed types of cheese. Bolinhos de bacalhau (codfish balls) is a fancy appetizer severed in restaurants together with a glass of wine, cocktails and even with a beer. Appetizers in the Brazilian cuisine may also consist of a fresh vegetable salad, or even a cream of palm heart soup, prepared with chicken stock, milk, white pepper and butter. Soups are usually served as a replacement for the first course, and are very much appreciated before the main meal, as well as platters of fruit or raw vegetables.

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