In the Brazilian cuisine, a lot of interesting desserts and sweets are being prepared in a specific and rather interesting way. For instance, avocado is sweetened and used as part of the dessert dishes, as creme de abacate (avocado cream), unlike any other countries, that would rather use it salted for guacamole sauces. Meringue is another delicious Brazilian dessert, usually made with strawberries and a lot of whipped cream. Category:Cookie Recipes|Cookies]] and solid sweets are very popular in the Brazilian cuisine and are preferred not only by children, but by grown-ups as well. Among them, biscoitos de maizena (Cornstarch cookies) are the most delicious ones and have a typical vanilla flavor. Other desserts include ice cream, cakes, and exotic fruits such as papaya, mango, açaí, cupuaçu, bananas and pineapples, mixed in fruit salads that are served with liquor and whipped cream, or used for cocktails that can be served as dessert in many fancy restaurants.

Here are some Brazilian desserts to try:

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